Hello, my name is Márta Balogh, 

I am an artist living outside Skivarp in the south of Sweden. I am a member of the Swedish organization for arts and crafts, Kontsthantverkscentrum Riksorganisationen. I work with textile pictures and paintings in mixed media.

Through my work I develop old traditions as image stiching (which has been around since the 1600s), knitting, jewelry with recycled circuit boards, artistic cards, painted images in large and small format etc. I use materials such as traditional wool, homespun and linen fabric from Romania (my country of origin) from a manufacture in Transylvania where a small group of women live from the production of wool and wool products.

To 'sculpture' pictures of wool has become my brand characteristics. Even in the knitted garments I use sculptural designs. The materials I use are earthy and unstained. My work is fairly monochromatic, but I also use red, black and white stripes in cotton in my artwork which has become a hallmark. I am inspired by Transylvanian folk art, the magic of kelim carpets and certain primitive arts. I use only natural materials and articulate my own expressions that I have not seen elsewhere. In my painted pictures I use the same symbols and the same colors as in the knit. 
Best regards!
Márta Balogh